Now over a Decade Later . . .

Welcome Friends and Neighbors to’s new blog where you can add new news, make creative suggestions, and make a difference for your coastal community to your elected officials and fellow citizens.

It has been since 2002 that some of us got together to address physical Community Quality of Life issues we saw that were going unnoticed which were degredating our community little by little that started with insufficient City Planning and a lack of aesthetic Design Guidelines for such a beautiful and historic waterfront Mainland, the City of Brunswick, and its surrounding four Golden Isles:  state-owned Jekyll Island, resort Sea Island, Saint Simons Island, and the private nature preserve, Little Saint Simons Island . We all look forward to sharing your ideas as we evolve and continue working hand in hand with our CVB and City and County Commissions to implement the Design Guidelines that they have voted to accomplish in their Comprehensive Plans. Let’s go! Thank you!